A trip day

My school organized one trip on 15 February 2011. We went to visit Bilbao.
We caught the train from Bilbao at 9:00 in the morning and we went to see two places in Bilbao , Basque language house (Euskararen etxea and Old Town (Zazpi Kaleak).
In the basque lenguage house the guide explained us where this language comes from and why the people left it as their usual language.
In Old Town we went for walk along the street and the guide explained us the most important building in those places , for example Arriaga Theater, New Square ...
Then, we had our sandwiches for lunch and we had free time , for an hour , to do shopping or get relax time.
When the free time finished we came back to New Square to meet our teachers and then we caught the train from Bilbao to Zalla and we arrived at 15:40.
The students went home and so the trip day finished.

Janire Garay Salinero

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