In 1300 they appointed a village of Bilbao. Yhe people that lived in Bilbao were mercharits Before in Bilbao when you get down of the bus you tapeworm that put a handkerchief in the smoke that drew the carrs that you put a handkerchief in the mouth and afterwrds when you removed it to you the handkerchief was black because the dust of the city.
In then 1970 there was a world wide crisiss and the people remained without works like it is happenig now. The unemployment arrived at 25 %.

The theatre Arriga:it was named after a musician . There is one just bulding at the side of the station that was the first skyscraper that was bult it has 12 hours.
Bilbao is called " botxo" because it is surrounded by mountains.

Recently the market has been rebuilt.

Irene Lazkano

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